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Overseas Pakistan Global Foundation Africa (OPGFA) global head quarter is located in Uganda and duly registered in all countries of East African Region as non-political and non-profit Organization which works towards the betterment of the society and welfare of the overseas Pakistanis with a broad spectrum to serve local and international issues faced by our beloved country-fellows living away from their motherland. OPGFA is fully established with a network of highly competent and dedicated representatives in various countries around the globe.

Mission Statement

OPGFA is a charitable organisation whose main aim is to provide maximum assistance, support and comfort to overseas Pakistani’s by increasing their interactions with the local communities by arranging various charitable, cultural events/exercises and by supporting bilateral trade activities with Pakistan hence improving their welfare.

Founder's Message

Since it’s inception oversease pakistani’s global foundation africa has grown into multi-disciplinery organization. No path is easy that’s why we always concentrated on our team’s capabilities and keep them focused on the essentials. To advance OPGFA as an intensifying unwavering, successful, reliable and professional independent consortium aimed to work as bridge between Pakistanis living abroad and Govt of Pakistan as well as establishing global network of Pakistanis living abroad in different parts of world. 

In my opinion it is highly important after Covid-19 also to be remain focus on resolving challenges and issues of the economic growth and eudemonia of overseas pakistanis working and/or settled abroad and finally act as a platform to resolve all the challenges encountered by Pakistani’s living abroad.

News & events

Senior members OPGFA and Star of Hope

Mr. Iftikhar Sikandar Cheema – Founder and President of OPGFA together with H.E. Hajati Nakadama Rukia Isanga, Honorary Consul of Islamic
Republic of Pakistan to Uganda and Senior members OPGFA and Star of Hope.

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Government facilitation to overseas pakistanis