Founders Committee

Iftikhar Sikandar Cheema

Company Name: Zain Forex Bureau Ltd, Haider & Sons Uganda Ltd
Country: Uganda
Designation : President & Founder (Global)
Tel: +256 774 333 666, +254 708 333 666, +256 774 333 666

Naveed Minhas

Company Name: Minhas Motors
Country: Uganda
Designation : Chairman (Uganda)
Tel: +256 793252716, +256 793252716

Zeeshan Arshad Bal

Company Name: Jounda Motors U Ltd
Country: Uganda
Designation : Chairman(Africa Region)
Tel: +256 701 786 999, +256 772786785

Naeem Chopra

Company Name: Chopra Motors U Ltd
Country: Uganda
Designation : General Secretary (Africa Region)
Tel: +256 790420700, +256 793252716

Irfan Khan

Company Name: General Petroleum
Country: Tanzania
Designation : Chairman of Board Members (East Africa)
Tel: +255 754888128

Dr. Haroon Saeed

Company Name: Lizaz Trading Ltd
Country: Kenya
Designation : President (Africa Region)
Tel: +254722416927

Shahid Alvi

Company Name: N.S.Motors
Country: Uganda
Designation: Senior Vice President (Africa Region)
Tel: +256 772786686, +256 772786686

Shakeel Sarwar

Company Name: Baltic Control Inspection Services (U) Ltd
Country: Uganda
Designation : Vice President (Africa Region)
Tel:+256 794 888 888

Father of the Nation: Quid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah

Father of the Nation: Quid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah.

Mission Statement

OPGFA is a charitable organisation whose main aim is to provide maximum assistance, support and comfort to overseas Pakistani’s by increasing their interactions with the local communities by arranging various charitable, cultural events/exercises and by supporting bilateral trade activities with Pakistan hence improving their welfare.